Sunday, August 5, 2007

My best PPC software (all free but 1)

Below is a list of the best tools I have come across for my Ipaq 6xxxx (CE 4). It is my personal favorites, which have become an integral part of my daily use of my Ipaq:

1. Total Commander - Absolute must: Free, zip and unzip files, built-in editor, edit registry, search function, other stuff.

2. vBar: Free, switch between application, close applications, miniature memory and battery monitor.

3. PHM tools: Free, I use mainly TrayLaunch for profile changing etc.

4. NetFront - Free trial, a significantly better alternative to pocket IE. Supports Java scripts, different browsing mode, in-page search, and 2 tabbed windows on the trail version.

5. Calc98 - Free, a good Scientific calculator.
6. TCPMP - Free, Supports viewing of various images and video formats.

7. Pocket FreeMind - Free, fully compatible with FreeMind desktop files. Read, create and modify mind maps (I use the text version - 0.2)

8. TodayAgenda - Free, Enhanced calendar presentation on to the "Today" screen.

9. Sun'n'Moon - Free, Shows rise and set times + moon phase on your "Today" screen.

10. pRSSreader - Free, good RSS reader

11. Virtual Earth Mobile - Free, navigate roads / satellite image, supports goto lat/long.

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